by Milo Sumner in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 26 August 2014

Have you ever looked down at your breakfast and thought to yourself: ‘ah man, I can’t bring myself to eat this, it’s just not adorable enough!’ Well, the answer to all your troubles is here. From the far east we’ve had such cute foods as baby-shaped pears and hugging-bear cookies, but now we are pleased to bring you… teddy-bear toast!

With one simple motion you can transform your mundane oblong piece of lightly burnt bread into an awww-some three-dimensional adventure. The discovery of this, the latest in a long run of cute foods, has made us wonder why exactly we want our food to be adorable. What does it say about us that we strive to build a heartfelt connection with inanimate objects right before we chew them to pieces? Humans are weird.

Via Bored Panda