Featured Image for This might seem like a giant wave, but it’s actually a cool rock formation in Australia

This might seem like a giant wave, but it’s actually a cool rock formation in Australia

Surf’s up! Or maybe not. This is Wave Rock, it’s an interesting piece of natural rock formation you can find near the town of Hyden in Perth, Western Australia. As you can see, it looks like a giant wave that’s about to break. It’s 46 feet high and 360 feet long, and is part of a hill called Hyden Rock.

How did it get its distinct shape? Some say water erosion and weathering undercutting its base around 60,000,000 years ago caused it to form the hollow granite domes. As for its color, the minerals in the rock run down its slope during wet season, adding stripes to its already interesting façade.

About 140,000 tourists flock to Wave Rock every year, presumably so that they can all get a surfing photo without the actual wipeout.

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