This is the coolest-looking iPhone speaker we’ve ever seen

Definitely a hipster must-have! The Chinon ‘Legato CH-PS840’ is an iPhone speaker dock that’ll pique the interest of your equally hipster house guests. As you can see, it has an ash hardwood horn that serves as the speakers – just like the good ‘ol days! What this does is it improves low and mid-high region sounds, making it ideal for soothing background music.

This horn feature also enables you to boost your listening experience without having the need to use electricity. Classical music AND no electricity – just like the good ‘ol days, indeed! But if ever you need to charge your iPhone, the dock comes with a USB connector cable that’s compatible with models 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c. You can find out more about this beautiful product here.

Via Design Boom

legato CH-PS840
legato CH-PS8402
legato CH-PS8405
legato CH-PS8403
legato CH-PS8404

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