by Milo Sumner in Architecture on Friday 22 August 2014

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Introducing Didomestic, an tiny residence in the centre of Madrid, jam-packed with hidden gems of awesomeness. Decorated sparsely with plain wood and neutral colours, Didomestic was designed with flexibility in mind. Almost every section of wall, ceiling and floor can be opened, turned or rotated to reveal endless living accessories and layout options.

In various hidden ceiling compartments are hidden functional things like a table and bench set for meals that are suspended and stowed away again after use to maximise space. To keep things quirky residents also have hammocks, a swing, disco lights and fans, all cleverly concealed behind the minimal surfaces.

Elii Architects, the Spanish firm behind this minuscule loft apartment, intended it to be fit for use as living space as well as for events such as parties or dinners and even as a rehearsal space. The pink-and-perspex walls of the central cube (that also houses the stairs to the compact second floor) can slide around to open the space up or divide it into smaller private rooms.

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