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An Australian company just invented the greatest butter knife ever

How humans have never thought of this design before is a complete mystery. Sydney-based company DM Initiatives has solved one of life’s greatest challenges: spreading cold butter on toast. How? With something as simple as combining a cheese grater with a butter knife.

The ‘ButterUp’ is a knife with a built-in grater that scrapes ribbons of the delicious ingredient as it passes through, effectively making butter softer and easier to spread. ‘Say goodbye to hard clumps of butter ripping apart your morning toast with ButterUp’, reads the product’s description. Meanwhile, the other side of the blade serves as a ‘spreader’, helping, uhhm, spread the butter with ease, thanks to its broader edge.

As of writing, the Kickstarter project has already surpassed its funding goal of AUD$38,000 with AUD$172,997 from 6,661 backers. Potential backers – that means you – have less than 12 days to end your toast hardship by pledging for a ‘ButterUp’. A pledge of AUD$12 will get you a classic polish or matt finish ButterUp, which will be delivered by March 2015. You can find out more about the project here.



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