Featured Image for Elephant uses car to scratch its belly and scares the heck out of the people inside

Elephant uses car to scratch its belly and scares the heck out of the people inside

If you have an itch you can’t reach, sometimes you got to use anything nearby to help relieve the torture – including a car. In Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa, an elephant used a passing VW Polo to scratch its back and belly, giving the vehicle’s occupants the scare of their lives.

While elephants mostly use logs, rocks, and small trees to rub against, this Pachyderm decided that the car would make the perfect back scratcher. ‘The elephant was presumably on Musth, which is a time that an elephant male has an excess amount of testosterone, turning even the calmest Dumbo into a raging bull’, said field guide and lodge manager, Armand Grobler, who witnessed the entire incident. ‘Yet even though it was in this condition, it displayed no signs of aggression or frustration and was in a more playful mood’.

Luckily, the couple inside was not hurt – though I doubt they’ll be driving near elephants any time soon. The car, however, was not so lucky. The chassis was broken, all four tires blew out, the windows were smashed, and the roof was dented. As for the culprit, it walked away not knowing the trouble it just caused.

Who knew an itch could cause so much destruction?

Via Life Buzz

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