by Rachel Oakley in New Design on Thursday 21 August 2014

In New York, restaurants are required by law to post instructions on the wall on how to save someone from choking. These posters designed by Steve Duenes, while clear to understand, sometimes get just a little too boring for some eateries.

That’s why there have been some rather creative new ‘choking posters’ making the rounds at local restaurants and cafes in the New York metro area. These new creative posters show how to perform the Heimlich maneuver in the most artistic way possible, with unicorns, Tango dancers and even zombies making appearances on the new posters.

While these new posters aren’t exactly legal, so many restaurant are ‘aesthetically focused‘ that a health department poster can stick out like a sore thumb, so restaurateurs are taking matters into their own hands.

Via Juxtapoz