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Who knew that underneath the streets of London there’s a secret skatepark

London: a city of intrigue, plotting and pigeons. The old metropolis’ centre sits on top of miles of sewers, crypts, passageways and abandoned tube tunnels (that’s ‘metro’ to you out-of-towners). Down there among the unexploded luftwaffe bombs and Guy Fawkes’ secret pad you might be surprised to find a fully functioning skatepark.

Not only that but keep looking and you’ll find a bar, art gallery, music venue and more, all part of The House of Vans. The casual footwear giant has recently renovated several disused tunnels and created a literal underground social scene.

The tunnels, originally owned by the Old Vic Theatre and run by Kevin Spacey’s executive assistant as a venue for trendy events and pop-ups, stood closed for several years until Vans moved in. Drawing confidence from the success of Vans’ House Party in Brooklyn, the brand completely renovated the subterranean site, but you’d never guess by the unassuming entrance.

The venue is open five days a week, as well as hosting major events on weekends. Check out their website to see the line-up or just pop along whenever you’re in the neighbourhood.

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