Heart-melting photos show the awesome transformation of abused dogs before and after they were rescued

Kudos to our friends at the aptly named Bored Panda who put together an uplifting and thought-provoking collection of photos to commemorate International Homeless Animal Day, which was last Saturday, August 16. It spotlights the positive impact we can all have when we rescue a dog from an atrocious situation and give them a loving, nurturing environment in which to thrive in.

Each before and after photo also comes with a story, like this one about the beautiful pup above, Rasta: ‘This poor guy was found in the streets of Montreal looking so filthy that it was hard to tell that he was actually a dog. He could barely move underneath all his matted hair. But look how charming he seems after his cleanup!’.

All together now, aw!!!

Via Bored Panda

Shrek (Photo: Park Road Veterinary Clinic)
Theo (Photo: Annie Hart)
Dolly (Photo:
Vita (Photo:
Woody (Photo: Hope For Paws)
Alana (Photo:
Ellen (Photo: Trio Animal Foundation)
Boo (Photo:
Iggy (Photo: Eldad Hagar)
Little Betty (Photo: