by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Wednesday 20 August 2014

Every few years we hear of some incredibly bizarre subculture we can’t wrap our minds around, but this one takes the cake. This subculture in Asia is called “Asian Nazis” and it’s basically what it sounds like-a bunch of young kids with an affinity for militarism, anti-semitism and a love for all things Hitler.

Yeah, it’s completely crazy. Nazi cosplaying is taking place all over the continent, too, from Tokyo to Hong Kong, plus parts of China, South Korea and even Burma. There’s even a Tumblr account dedicated to ‘Nazi chic’ (their words, not mine!) called Fun With Asian Nazis. Something tells me these kids never took a history lesson in their life.

Back in 2003, the Chinese retailer Izzue decorated all 14 of their stores with swastikas. After complaints from foreigners, the company’s marketing manager said: ‘This is Hong Kong, and Chinese people are not sensitive about Nazism’. With comments like that, it looks like this bizarre-and somewhat offensive-subculture is here to stay.

Via Dangerous Minds