by Tristan Rayner in Cool Websites on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Now this is one cleavage, sorry, clever guy. Yelp reviewer, ‘Charley C’, has been reviewing a number of restaurants with descriptions including ‘tender’, ‘firm’, and ‘DDD: Doubly Delicious Dinner’. But we’re not sure the reviews are genuinely about the food, and not really about something a little more, er, risque. Charley has reviewed four restaurants on Yelp, and offered up 34 tips. And, oh yeah, he has lots and lots of pics of what he describes as ‘Double Deeeelicious’ food.

From the photos, we’d have guessed he was eating exclusively at Hooters, but there’s plenty of evidence otherwise. In fact, we’d say that this is basically the perfect mix of Instagram winners: food with boobs (and no, we don’t want fries with that).

Oddly enough, we don’t think Charley is away of his impending notoriety. There’s also a couple of photos of him and his wife, and his kids!

Click here for all the images from the Yelp reviews.