by Milo Sumner in New Art on Tuesday 19 August 2014

‘The majority of my work has more holes in it than substance – it’s about looking through things, not just at things. There’s always an element of surprise.’ These are the words of Kiwi artist Neil Dawson. Dawson’s sculptures seem to defy reality, mostly suspended above urban areas with the sky as a backdrop, they sometimes appear to be whimsical doodles drawn straight on to the real world.

Made primarily using aluminium and stainless steel Dawson’s works of art interact effortlessly with the urban areas around them. From geometric shapes to recognisable 3D objects, his suspended sculptures manage to become part of their surroundings while also standing completely alone in empty space.

‘There’s something sanctified about a gallery environment because the works are physically and visually static,’ says Dawson, ‘With public sculpture there’s a real dynamism because it’s constantly changing with the light and the elements’.

Via Beautiful Decay