by Milo Sumner in New Trends on Monday 18 August 2014

Introducing the next generation of luxury air travel! The windowless jet from Technicon Desig. Windowless you say? Yes indeed, but the Ixion private jet incorporates some clever camerawork with state-of-the-art technology to create an unrivalled inflight experience.

Although there are no windows on the plane (except for in the cockpit), the interior is covered in high-resolution screen panels on walls and ceiling. Live feeds from cameras mounted around the outside of the fuselage are displayed on these interior panels, giving the impression that the plane is in fact one giant window!

The French design firm have taken every step to make this concept jet the private plane of the future, using Parallax barrier technology to allow multiple displays on the same screen. Passengers can utilise inflight conference calling, gesture controlled displays and body-tracking sensors that will relocate your personal screen for you if you change seat.

‘The user experience is greatly enhanced by directly engaging the passengers with the environment outside, to the point of exhilaration by giving an unhindered panoramic view from the inside,’ said Gareth Davies, Technicon design director, ‘The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy.’

The best part about the Ixion concept jet’s innovative surround-display, is that if you are flying over a particularly dull stretch of wasteland or ocean it is a simple matter to flick a switch and make it seem as though you were cruising through outer space or over the Himalayas. There’s only two words that can satisfactorily describe this jet in our opinion, and those words are ‘totally badass.’

Via My Modern Met