by Milo Sumner in Video on Saturday 16 August 2014

There are some pretty terrible chat-up lines out there, the worst of which is perhaps: ‘Hi, is your father a thief? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes’. Us regular fellows couldn’t ever hope to have an iota of success with any of these pre-written one-liners that seem to guarantee that you end your night with a rum and coke being upended over your head.

For the modern adonis, the male-model, words are not a problem. Chances are they could spout a flow of nonsensical grunting noises and still woo the woman of their choice.

This cheeky new video from Dolce & Gabbana levels the playing field, if only for a few seconds. Perfectly sculpted young dudes utter the first half of a tragic chat-up line in their regular dulcet voice before huffing a balloon of helium and delivering the punchline.

The fact is that, silly as they may sound, they still wouldn’t have much trouble. Let’s face facts, even the strange addition of hair clips doesn’t change much.

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