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The heartbreak of a relationship ending is captured in this poignant series of photographs

At some point or another many of us will have been in a relationship that is approaching the end, that is to say: one of the people involved is considering ending it. It’s a surreal and wholly unpleasant sensation to feel so alone when in such close contact with another person.

As a couple you continue in the motions you are used to, but now the happiness is missing and it is replaced with a confused emptiness. For both individuals it is hard, one must put up with agonising indecision until the final surge to end the relationship while the other helplessly struggles to understand what has changed

In this series of photos by Jordan Tiberio, entitled Two Souls, a real couple is captured during the final stage of their relationship. At the time however, it was just an honest photo shoot with two friends of the artist.

‘This is me.’ Explains Maris, the girl in the photographs. ‘This is my ex-boyfriend Sam. He broke up with me on our one year anniversary. We lived together and I was left without a home and very much alone. We had been together for a year and we lived together for most of that year. We went everywhere together, we smoked the same cigarettes, we slept in the same bed. It’s been almost four months since he broke up with me. It was so hard but it’s gotten easier. I moved back in with my parents and I just started dating a really great boy. These pictures are weird to look at. It’s hard to see these because I know now that Sam wanted to break up with me at the time these were taken and I was oblivious. He was my first real love. We don’t talk any more.’

Two Souls is a tricky but rewarding series, depicting the inexorable fraying of a genuine bond between two authentic people rather than a couple of models posing.

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Two Souls by Jordan Tiberio
Two Souls by Jordan Tiberio
Two Souls by Jordan Tiberio
Two Souls by Jordan Tiberio

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