by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Friday 15 August 2014

Now this is how to go camping! Mina is a small city located in western Saudi Arabia, and because of its location-just 8km from Mecca-it’s the ideal place to camp out during the Haj season. This place has more than 100,000 tents to choose from, each one measuring 8 by 8 metres, and constructed of fiberglass. Each tent is fully air-conditioned, too!

Because there are so many tents, each one is colour-coded and numbered, and each haaji is given a badge with their colour and number on it in case they get lost. And by the looks of things, it’d be pretty easy to get lost here. It’s estimated that a whopping 3 million pilgrims stay here during their trip to Mecca. That’s one popular destination!

Via Amusing Planet