by Zolton in New Illustration on Friday 15 August 2014

Well, what did you expect? What began as a fun, informal project three years ago has since blossomed into a fully fledged Kickstarter project for a 220 page book of ‘full-color vag drawings all inside a handsome hard cover’. Huh. Shannon O’Malley is the creative whirlwind behind the concept which began at a dinner party when she asked her gay friend to draw a vagina on a wax paper tablecloth. The result was clearly so hilarious and, erm, misinformed that the nucleus for the idea was borne.

O’Malley says: ‘For three years, we’ve been collecting vag drawings from the gays, from fine artists to average Joe Homos. The drawings display a range of “skill” level so as to lay bare the vagina of the collective gay male mind. Many of the drawings came out of art booth sessions we held in San Francisco, some of them were mailed to us, and some of them we asked for’.

So, just in time for Christmas, you can purchase a ‘beautiful book of vaginas drawn by gay men, available only through this Kickstarter‘.


Via BuzzFeed