Featured Image for The world’s most expensive cupcake will cost you about a month’s rent

The world’s most expensive cupcake will cost you about a month’s rent

If you thought paying $3 for a muffin was excessive, you’ll hate this next story. Lisa Sanguedolce, the owner of Toronto’s Le Dolci bakery has created this monstros…masterpiece. Fortunately, this cupcake isn’t about being fancy for the sake of being fancy, but was created for a man’s wife-he wanted something extravagant to present her with on her birthday.

The cupcake is worth every penny (sadly), being filled with pastry cream that’s flavoured with $1,000 champagne. It also boasts buttercream made with butter from Normandy, chocolate from Italian chocolatiers, French sea salt, and Tahitian vanilla beans.

This guy is either the world’s most awesome husband, or he’s someone who did something wrong-very wrong-and is in need of making it up to his wife on her birthday!

Via The Daily Mail

The $900 cupcake bought for a wife's birthday

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