by Milo Sumner in New Design on Thursday 14 August 2014

We think that design is really at it’s best when used to improve the most everyday mundane thing around you. From the folding bike to the sandals that never blow-out, cunning design is constantly being used to make the world around us better-looking, longer-lasting and ever more practical.

Madrid-based creative collective mmmm… have brought some playful design to the streets of Baltimore in the USA in the form of BUS. Doing away with the old and tired bus shelter, collaborators Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez, and Eva Salmerón have created their own version. A blend of climbing frame, landmark, meeting point and rain shelter this typographical bus stop is refreshingly simple and good-looking.

Each of the three letters is 14-foot high and 7-foot wide, leaving enough room for each to shelter several people.

‘They allow people to assume different postures of sitting or standing while waiting for the bus. The S allows people to lie back while they wait, and the B provides shelter’ say mmmm… ‘The size, shape, and function of BUS, can make this unique bus stop an iconic urban meeting point. A bus stop you will never miss’

If this was our local stop, we wouldn’t mind if our bus was a bit late. All the more time for clambering all over it!

Via My Modern Met