Featured Image for Bubble wrap with goldfish in them will have you thinking twice before popping them

Bubble wrap with goldfish in them will have you thinking twice before popping them

Everyone loves popping bubble wraps. It’s addicting and therapeutic. But would you still pop them if they had innocent goldfish swimming about inside? Inspired by goldfish swimming in a bowl, Tokyo-based designer Daisuke Akiyama decided to turn the packaging material into a little experiment. He printed tiny goldfish (read: not really alive) in each air pocket, making it look like hundreds of goldfish are swimming about in the rolls of bubble wrap.

‘We usually have an inclination to pop bubble wrap’, says Akiyama. ‘But by printing goldfish I’ve made it psychologically more difficult to pop’. The Japanese designer adds that the goldfish-printed bubble wraps are only a concept for now, but he’s making progress towards making it commercially viable.

Via Spoon-Tamago

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