Witness the magic of everyday objects change from 3D to 2D in a split second

We have seen amazing large-scale, trick-of-the-eye optical illusions painted on walls and floors that makes you think they are 3D. The artist Brusspup has turned this particular visual talent towards small, everyday objects, such as a Rubic’s Cube, a roll of tape and one shoe. The result is certainly no less impressive and if his cat, which also appeared in the video, had been black, I would have sworn it can only be witchcraft at work.

Via io9

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Kenny lives in Singapore and was a multi-hyphenated brand consultant-strategic marketeer-PR practitioner before he realised he is even better at not doing much. He now spends his time not thinking about it and tries to do as little as possible. He is Piscean, if that helps.

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