by Milo Sumner in New Design on Wednesday 13 August 2014

At the start of 2014, LEGO announced the latest in the series of crossovers with successful franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. Now it’s the turn of The Simpson’s to feature in the world of bricks as LEGO released a collection of minifigures in February.

36 year-old Matt De Lanoy, a designer with a fifteen year history of building LEGO constructions on an epic scale, took this announcement as his cue to start work on a project he’d anticipated for a long time. It was time to build Springfield.

Using well over half a million bricks, De Lanoy put together a fan’s model of Springfield, drawing landmarks from all the classic episodes. Sadly, the scale of the construction meant that he could not build the whole town. So instead, De Lanoy grouped together the important buildings like the Kwik-E-Mart, the nuclear power plant, the church, the Simpson family home, and of course, Moe’s Tavern.

De Lanoy steered clear of purpose-made Simspon’s LEGO kits, preferring instead to custom build his Springfield so as to include sites from his favourite episodes such as the Stonecutter’s Temple. ‘I had considered the Courthouse, Burns’ Manor, and the Mafia’s hideout,’ he says, ‘but I really couldn’t work them in well’.

De Lanoy’s past LEGO-builds include an epic reconstruction of Matt Groening’s other animated success Futurama , as well as scenes from Super Mario and Phantom of The Opera.

Via Wired