Featured Image for Could fruit get any freekier? They’re growing baby shaped pears in China

Could fruit get any freekier? They’re growing baby shaped pears in China

The newest thing from the Far East is bound to make you either say ‘awww’ or ‘ewww’, and it’s probably the latter. In China there has been a recent emergence of what we can only call baby pears. Fortunately these creepy fruit do not grow naturally into the shape of a serene, albeit fat, baby. Instead the juvenile pear is encased in a plastic mould that it fills as it continues to grow. By the time it is ripe it has forced itself into the shape of the mould.

The local farmer who began growing the fruit in this manner believed that children would much prefer fruit that was in the shape of babies… ‘Who can resist a beautiful baby? And who could resist a lovely piece of fruit that looks like one?’ says De He ‘It occurred to me I would be on to a winner if I could market fruit in the form of perfectly formed, innocent babies and that has proven to be the case. Local supermarkets cannot get enough of the stuff.’

It seems that the true secret to this bizzare fruity success is an old Chinese folk tale that promises long life to anybody who eats a baby-shapped fruit. Clearly this is worth paying $4 a pear. For your information, Buddha pears are also available.

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Baby Pears
Baby Pears
Baby Pears

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