Featured Image for Yikes! There’s now furniture than looks, feels and smells like, erm, human skin

Yikes! There’s now furniture than looks, feels and smells like, erm, human skin

This is totally creeping me out but apparently UK artist Gigi Barker feels otherwise for she has created a line of furniture with pieces that look, feel and smell like human skin. Do we really need so much human contact? What’s more, she has also infused them with human pheromones and aftershave.

As I gazed at one particular footstool long enough, I suspected I may have, in possession, a gutter brain but thank goodness, one New York Magazine reviewer has also felt that it ‘resembled deformed testes’ and that another chair is meant to ‘mimic a squishy roll of fat’.

But whether you can appreciate them or not, take note that the footstool costs US$775 and the squishy fat chair costs US$2,550 before you deign to drape your body over them.

Via The Huffington Post

Human skin lookalike furniture b
Human skin lookalike furniture c
Human skin lookalike furniture d

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