by Milo Sumner in New Illustration on Tuesday 12 August 2014

Let’s get this out in the open shall we, there’s not use beating around the bush. The sorry fact is that, unless you’re an immortal jellyfish, you’re eventually going to die.

But it’s not all bad! Once you get over the initial hump of accepting you’re inevitable doom there’s actually a funny side to death… or at least that’s what Ken Tanaka is convinced of. Everybody Dies is the title of a new ‘children’s book’ written by the white-japanese alter ego of comedian David Ury. The brightly illustrated volume is a not ACTUALLY intended for kids, rather it’s a parody of a children’s book that meets the reality of death head on.

‘Through 48 full-color pages of dark fun, the book unveils the truth about living and dying, and softens the blow with cute drawings and little games to familiarize yourself with the death around you’ read the press-release.

Published by Harper Collins earlier this Summer, Everybody Dies was co-written by Tanaka and Ury (yes they are the same person). It features a combination of tongue-in-cheek illustrations and dark humour that is bound to have you chuckling in the face of death in no time. Don’t laugh too hard though, we all know who has the last laugh in this case…