Featured Image for Used toilet paper rolls are given new purpose by turning them into origami faces

Used toilet paper rolls are given new purpose by turning them into origami faces

While most people will look at depleted toilet paper rolls and go, ‘NOOOO!’, Paris-based artist Junior Fritz Jacquet sees art! Having been a fan of paper – not necessarily the toilet kind – since he was a child, Jacquet has experimented with various ways to explore the art form’s boundaries.

One form he’s discovered is to crumple, fold, and bend used toilet paper rolls to create faces that convey different expressions. After getting the face that he likes, he gives it a splash of lacquer for color. Looking at their faces, you can hardly imagine they were the useless things you usually throw away without second thought.

You can find out more about Junior Jacquet on his website.

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Junior Fritz Jacquet
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Junior Fritz Jacquet 7
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Junior Fritz Jacquet 1
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Junior Fritz Jacquet

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