by Milo Sumner in Video on Monday 11 August 2014

Meet Matthew Youlden. Matthew makes us jealous as well as feeling incredibly stupid. Matthew can speak nine languages and is what can generally what one would call a polyglot. What’s more he can’t be older than late twenties and clearly has a bright future (and more languages to learn) ahead of him.

Matthew works at language and translation company Babbel, using his mastery of linguistics to devise practical and effective ways for people to educate their tongues. Portugese, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and even Gaelic, Matthew speaks them all effortlessly fluently and switches between them seamlessly. This essentially means he can go to anywhere he pleases in the Western World and natter like a native.

Watch the Babbel video below to see the multi-lingual Matthew busting out his ‘mad skills’. Damn, we wish we’d paid more attention in school!

Oh and did we mention that he has a great big orange beard?

Via Babbel