Featured Image for You can now book a room inside a crane for your vacation

You can now book a room inside a crane for your vacation

We have found the perfect hotel room where there will be no next door guests talking non-stop or making the walls shake till three in the morning. Two, in fact and both are located inside a crane! The next time you’re in Netherlands, do check out Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel in Amsterdam and Crane Hotel in Harlingen.

The Crane Hotel in Harlingen is very exclusive since it only has one room for two. Not only do you get a deck to enjoy the views, you can also control which view because the crane actually works. So have fun spinning it round and round. It’ll costs you 319 euros a night, which is about US$437.

The Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel has three unique suites, one on top of another, that are 50 meters above ground or about 15 stories high. Cost per night is 435 euros, which is about US$583. Guests can enjoy the hot tub on top of the crane, a champagne breakfast, and the opportunity to bungee jump off the crane if they are willing to pay for all these extras.

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