by Kenny Ong in New Events on Friday 8 August 2014

Together with his six-year-old brother, eight-year-old Noah Aldrich trained very hard for three months so they could both take part in their local youth triathlon in Idaho, USA. What makes them even more extraordinary is that Noah’s little brother, Lucas, was born with lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder that stops him from walking, talking, or eating on his own.

Not that this is going to stop them both from tackling the triathlon challenge. On July 12, the brothers took part in a 200-meter swim, three-mile bike ride and one mile run. For the swimming segment, Noah pulled Lucas along in a raft. He then transferred his little brother into a bike trailer for the cycling segment and later helped Lucas into a buggy for the ultimate run. What a truly inspirational and heartwarming story of brotherly love.