Featured Image for Spam emails inspires photographer to produce a portfolio of detailed shots

Spam emails inspires photographer to produce a portfolio of detailed shots

Photographer Christina De Middel is an odd ball when it comes to spam emails that try to cheat you of your hard earned pennies. Instead of hurling an expletive or two at them, which is what I usually do, she devours their contents and then creates fictitious portraits of the imaginary senders in their perceived settings. See if you can match the usual suspects with her painstakingly styled productions:

A Russian widow whose husband was one of the victims of the tsunami disaster in Thailand, making her the beneficiary of a $ 4.5 million fortune. An employee in a leading bank in the Republic of Togo, who discovered an obscene amount of funds deposited by the late Togo Minister of Sport who died from an air crash. A 24-year-old from England who can’t get her huge inheritance unless she finds a husband, which is where you come in. Sorry, ladies.

The personal attorney to the late Chief Executive Officer of BIOOIL SERVICING LTD who has tracked you down as the last living relative to inherit his money. A business woman in London who has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and wants you to help her donate her millions to various charities. A daughter who wants you to open an account so she can have her daddy’s millions transferred from the Ivory Coast.

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Christina De Middel
Christina De Middel
Christina De Middel
Christina De Middel
Christina De Middel

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