Celebrate your travels by scratching off the countries you’ve been to with this 3D globe

The number one first-world problem of jetsetters and backpackers: forgetting the places they’ve been to. Another problem they have: a cool way to humble brag about all their adventures. With the scratch-off globe from webstore Animi Causa, they can hit two birds with one stone!

The 3D world map is covered in gold foil – much like a lottery ticket – so you can just scratch off the countries you’ve been to. It’s easy to set-up, just assemble the flat-packed pieces just like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and you’re all set!

While there are plenty of travel apps that can do the same thing, the scratch-off globe presents a novel way to remember all your travels. Not to mention, you can brag about it next time you have a visitor at home!

You can find out more about the product here.

Via Design Taxi

scratch globe 2
scratch globe 4
scratch globe

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