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Beer and soda cans are masterfully shaped to become pop culture sculptures

For most of us, the fun ends when an aluminum can runs out of beer. But for Japanese artist Makaon, emptying an aluminum can of its contents is where the fun starts.

Using discarded cans as his medium, Makaon flattens, bends, twists, and combines them to form origami-like sculpture inspired by famous pop culture characters. Sticking to only two to three brands of drinks as his color range, the artist recreates the characters accurately in all their recycled beauty. For instance, he uses Carlsberg Beer to give Yoshi his green skin, and Asahi Beer to form a silver Darth Vader.

The series of aluminum sculptures is not only a beautiful tribute to recycling and pop culture, but also a fun exercise in determining what brands of drink the artist used to make them.

Via My Modern Met

makaon sculptures
makaon 3
makaon 4
makaon 9
makaon 11
makaon 12
makaon 2
makaon 5
makaon 6
makaon 7
makaon 10

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