Finally there’s a chair you can wear in those extra awkward social situations

We’ve all been there–some super awkward situation when we’ve wished we could just suddenly evaporate from the scene. Well, now you kind of can. Kind of. Artist (and pure genius) Jamie Isenstein has created the Human Chair. Basically, it’s just what it sounds like: it’s a piece of furniture you can actually wear.

All you have to do is slip inside this chair by popping your arms through the arm holes and legs through the leg holes, and then plant your feet on the ground. It’s optional is people actually sit on you, but if you’re wearing an armchair, why not let them?

And if this doesn’t float your boat for everyday entertainment, it’s gotta be the best Halloween costume out there.

Via Incredible Things

Jamie Isenstein Armchair
Jamie Isenstein Armchair
Jamie Isenstein Armchair

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