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Classic books have been turned into deliciously buttery titles

Ben Franklin once said ‘nothing in this world can be said to be certain except death and taxes’. He was obviously misquoted. There’s nothing certain except death, taxes and the deliciousness of butter. Because butter makes everything greater. Paula Deen knows it. Vipular Athukorale knows it too (check out his crazy butter sculptures here).

And now a Tumblr account is showing us just how butter makes every book title much better than its original. From Memoirs of a Geisha transformed to Memoirs of a Butter and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo changed to Girl with the Butter Tattoo (yum!), this tongue-in-cheek account makes us realize the awesomeness of churned cream.

By the way, butter is so loved in Ireland that there’s a museum dedicated to it, in Cork. It’s already on my traveling bucket list!

Via Tumblr

I Know Why The Caged Butter Sings
The Importance Of Being Butter
On The Origin Of Butter
Butter In The Rye
A Tale Of Two Butter
The Girl With The Butter Tattoo
Butter, Pray, Love
Memoirs Of A Butter

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