Here comes the world’s loudest simulated fart

Colin Furze, a British plumber and avid prank enthusiast, has fabricated and installed a fart machine coincidentally shaped to look like giant buttocks on a cliff in Dover, England. It is here where he attempted to produce a machine-made fart just loud enough to be heard in France, you know, that country located on the other side of the 21-mile-wide Strait of Dover.

The deafening, fart-like noise was produced by using a valveless pulse jet engine, which creates a rather dramatic fiery trail when ignited. ‘The grand plan is to become noisy neighbors but on an international scale,’ Furze wrote on his website. Furze said he hoped to startle unsuspecting Frenchmen relaxing on the beach across the strait. We are not sure why he wants to do that but for his sake, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the beach in question was not populated by some unsuspecting tourists from other countries instead.

Via Huffington Post

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