The entire text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, gloriously reprinted on 2,500 bodies as tattoos

Litographs, which creates lit-inspired products like t-shirts and bags, has taken wearable art to the next stage with temporary literary tattoos for bibliophiles. To launch its first collection of literary tattoos from fifteen literature classics, it has turned to Kickstarter for help. What’s even better is Litographs’ plan to form the World’s Longest Tattoo Chain with 2,500 people.

It has taken the entire text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and broken these up, line by line, into 2,500 individually designed tattoos. The first 2,500 backers get to recreate the full novel in real life as a collective all over the world, as each person dons one bit of the text each as a tattoo. What an inspiring idea.

Via Kickstarter

Literary tatts
Literary tatts

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