by Low Lai Chow in New Design on Wednesday 30 July 2014

All right, we’ve just had about enough of dowdy, ugly, plasticky pet furniture that feels cheap and falls apart as quickly as when they are bought. For pets with a discerning taste for the avant garde and eclectic, we’ve rounded up our top avant garde furniture choices for your pets to herald in the future (fur-ture?) with:

1. Art sculptures that shoot out laser light beams = fuuuuuuun

2. Cat’s too cool to chase these lights? Try this flat-out chic cat lounge… or this laser-cut corrugated cardboard cat cocoon

3. Of course, dogs can get some zen pod love too

4. Know what’s perfect for cats to stare at eye-level with lowly humans? This cat tower

5. Cats with loftier dreams would love this cloud shelf

6. Or chase these puny little planet balls around the universe in a circuit

7. Claw at this painfully hip scratching board

8. Maybe retire to their space station for a cat nap

9. Or hide away in the mothership of all cat spaced-out stations: the CATable