by Inigo del Castillo in Video on Wednesday 30 July 2014

Have you ever missed someone so much that you fainted right after you reunited with that person? If not, then this dog has you beat on the BFF scale. Rebecca Ehalt was visiting her family in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, having flown all the way from Slovenia when she got a very warm – and unexpected – welcome. Their dog, a Schnauzer by the name of Casey, immediately began squealing and crying upon seeing her for the first time in two years (That’s fourteen years in dog years.) [Watch this heart-wrenching video here]

But the moment was all too much for the little pup, as it began wobbling and passed out on the driveway. Don’t worry, he got right back up a few seconds later and a medical checkup said he was completely fine.

The video has already been viewed more than 26 million times on YouTube.