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Love selfies and toast? Make a selfie toast and get everyone to eat your face out

Selfies. They just get deeper and deeper. Ridiculous selfie stick aside, you can now print a selfie of yourself onto a piece of toast. At least, this hellish invention by Vermont Toaster lets you do that.

All you have to do is to send a digital photo to the team via their site, where they process the image in 15 to 30 minutes, and feeds it to a computer aided design program that works out out what lines the CNC plasma machine needs to make for the toast facsimile. How much would it cost to get your own customised selfie toaster and feed your face to family and friends? Well, just a tidy $75 for the first toaster, with a cut off the price for subsequent ones. That’s not too bad.

Via Mashable

Selfie toast

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