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The bizarre yet strangely awesome costumes of Comic-Con 2014 in photographs

Comic-Con 2014 has officially kicked off at the San Diego Convention centre. For those who may never have heard of the phenomenon, Comic-Con is a bizarre yet strangely awesome annual event that brings together a whole host of peoples. From cos-players (those guys who get really really really into their costumes) to comic-book recluses, they all gather under one roof to celebrate everything that is awesome.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy Fiction and other related terms might carry a stigma with some, but remember this before you grab your nerd-bashing stick: if you have ever enjoyed Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones or Firefly (to name a few) then you’re not so different from these comic-fans. In fact, maybe you should buy a flight to San Diego next year…

Anyway enough hyperbole. Here are some photographic gems from Comic-Con 2014 so far, our personal favourite is the Storm Trooper with a Go-Pro. Maybe it’s in case he has an inter-galactic collision and need proof of fault for insurance…

Sit back and enjoy sportsfans!

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