by Kenny Ong in New Products on Friday 25 July 2014

Notebook manufacturer Magnus Ferreus recently launched a quirky new product – the Onion Note. Although it doesn’t stink like an onion, it has the same effect as cutting one. This is because the pages of the Onion Note are treated with allyl propyl compounds – the same ones found in onion oil which bring people to tears.

The heat caused by the friction of writing on the page will evaporate the compounds, releasing tear-inducing gas into your face. That’s right, folks. The notebook will make you quiver and cry every time you pen something in it. Which makes it great to give it away as a prank just to watch someone’s tear ducts open. Or scribble away so others can see your tears plop for whatever reason and effect you have in your very warped mind.

Via Rocket News 24