Say ‘I do’ in a junk food wedding? In McDonald’s Hong Kong, you can

Looks like we’ve found the perfect budget wedding idea, and it’s right under the Golden Arches. That’s right, in McDonald’s Hong Kong, you can choose from any one of four wedding packages starting from US$373 ($2,888 HKD) for a Happiness Party to US$1290 ($9,999 HKD) for a Love Forever Party. The package includes two hours of venue-renting, audio equipment and a party MC.

You could probably replace champagne-popping by shaking a 1L bottle of ice-cold Coke instead. Something tells us the people in Hong Kong have been on to a good thing for quite a while too — apparently McDonald’s have been offering wedding options for a good past three years or so since 2011.

Via First We Feast

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