This designer created the sweetest resume he could give to prospective employers

Now that’s one way to court a potential employer! Design student Matthew Hirsch took the iconic Hershey’s Chocolate packaging and put in some personal touches, turning it into a delectable resume for his potential employers to drool over.

Looking at the package design, you might not immediately notice the subtle change in the cover. Instead of saying Hershey’s, it says Hirschy’s – a play on both his name and the candy bar’s. At the back, he tweaks the ingredients list and nutritional values box to show his skills. The rest of the page provides his personal info and educational background.

The witty resume was designed as part of a class assignment, wherein they had to make ‘thank you’ notes for their guest speakers. I’m pretty sure after he finishes his job interviews, creative directors will be craving for more – of his design skills, that is.

Via My Modern Met

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