by Milo Sumner in New Photography on Friday 25 July 2014

A calendar created by students at Warwick University in England has been banned on Facebook under the grounds that it contains ‘sexually explicit content’. Female students from the University of Warwick Rowing Society banded together to pose in their birthday suits for a 2014 calendar in aid of Macmillan Cancer support.

Featuring 17 starkers students, more than 1500 of the calendars sold before the social media site scuppered their enterprise, raising £3,400 for their charity.

These calendars are relatively common throughout British universities and rarely actually show anything more racy than perhaps the odd stray nipple if somebody is careless, nothing to write home about unless you’re an overactive Facebook mediator with too much time on your hands. To add insult to insult, Facebook has also deleted the girl’s page despite leaving the male rower’s calendar page exactly where it is.

The girl’s are outraged at this needless impediment to their ability to raise money for charity. They fully intend to create a 2015 calendar and have already booked the photoshoot for October. In an interview with The Sun one student said:

‘It is awful for us because we had over 2,000 likes which provides us with a large platform for reaching out to our target market. To have this page unfairly taken away is going to affect our sales for the 2015 calendar and decrease the amount we can make for charity’.

Take a closer look at the men’s rowing team calendar here

Via The Sun