by Rachel Oakley in New Film on Thursday 24 July 2014

Everybody knows the best way to watch a film is under the covers, in bed. And London’s Electric Cinema has gone with this idea and planted six upholstered double beds in their cinema’s front row! It was all part of a $9million refurbishment of the 102-year-old cinema, with leather seats, footstools and two-seater sofas also added into the theatre.

Those that are into cuddling up in bed to watch a movie will be surprised to learn that double-bed ‘seats’ are actually cheaper than regular movie tickets, since they’re placed in the front row (and nobody likes sitting—or lying—in the front row). So you’ll only have to shell out $32 per person instead of the regular $36. That’s still a bit steep, right?

Couples that book the double beds will get their own cashmere throw to snuggle with, and can order cocktails and champagne to really set the mood.

Via Yahoo