Featured Image for This clock tells the time through a ballerina doing different poses

This clock tells the time through a ballerina doing different poses

Why spend so much money on tickets to see a ballet recital, when you can just stare at your wall clock all day? German designer Meike Harde incorporated beauty and elegance onto an ordinary wall clock by replacing the hands with a tiny ballerina. Called ‘Time Is Dancing’, the ballerina serves as the clock’s hands, with her upper body as the hour hand, and one of her legs as the minute hand.

As the minutes and hours tick by, viewers are treated to an enchanting dance. ‘Its metaphorical design tries to introduce poetry into an everyday item and to throw a contemplative glance at the transien[ce] of time by means of the seemingly eternally young ballerina’, says Harde. Gone are the days when you are late for a meeting and stressfully look at an uncaring clock to check the time. From now on, you will feel at peace when you stare at ‘Time Is Dancing’.

Via My Modern Met

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