This Bra Generates A Shock Of 3,800 Kilovolts To Any Would-Be Attacker

In certain parts of the world, sexual assault is such a cause for concern that it’s motivated all kinds of new technology for women. Everything from anti-rape condoms to anti-molestation jackets have been created to try to stop the vicious assault against women. One woman who is fed up with women living in fear is Manisha Mohan, a 22-year-old engineering student who went above and beyond to give women a way to defend themselves.

The invention? A bra that shocks the attacker. It contains a pressure sensor connected to an electric circuit that generates a shock of 3,800 kilovolts—enough to not only stun an attacker but burn hands, too. Mohan says, ‘It won’t be enough to immobilize the assailant or potential rapist, but that gives enough time for back up’.

But that’s not all. The bra also has a built-in GPS that alerts the police and the victim’s parents to the location where any attack is taking place.

Via Vocativ

Manisha Mohen created a bra that literally shocks you.
Manisha Mohen created a bra that literally shocks you.
This bra will alert the police as to where you are, if you're ever attacked.

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