Featured Image for These whimsical wire sculptures were inspired by real life fairies

These whimsical wire sculptures were inspired by real life fairies

Staffordshire, England-based sculptor Robin Wight created these intricate wire sculptures after witnessing a real life fairy in person (More on that in a bit.) The stainless steel fairies, despite the tough material that they’re made from, appear to be graceful living, breathing creatures at play with dandelions.

Wight masterfully contorts and manipulates the wire so well that each curve and hair strand of the fairies’ bodies look so alive. Wight accepts custom designs from clients and if you are the DIY type, he is also selling kits for you to build your own wire fairy (Good luck with that.)

Now as for the real life fairies, Wight got the inspiration for the sculptures after photographing the enchanted creatures in his own backyard. Take a look at the last image below and you’ll see a silhouette of what seems to be a small person with wings. Cue: X-Files theme song.

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robin wight 2
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robin wight
robin wight

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