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Children’s drawings are scary when they’re painted with a touch of realism

We always knew there was something innately terrifying about children’s artworks. Those charcoal eyes, those jagged strokes of color, those messy portraits of imaginary friends. They’re all so innocent, yet they feel like nightmares waiting to happen.

Artist Dave DeVries brings out the sinister side of these innocent illustrations by adding a dose of realism. Using a combination of acrylic paint, colored pencils, and airbrush, he takes simple sketches and turns harmless kiddie monsters into petrifying creatures. He even interviews the children to get a feel of what their imaginary monsters really look like.

The Monster Engine’ series started when DeVries wanted to re-paint the sketches of his 7-year-old daughter. Now he has expanded his collection of realistic monsters into a book. Amazing what you can achieve with coloring materials and a desire to genuinely scare the bejeebers out of children!

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