by Milo Sumner in Cool Travel on Wednesday 16 July 2014

You won’t believe your eyes. We present to you… the World’s largest swimming pool! In some ways we’re not even sure if swimming pool is the right term to use as it conjures images of a few yards of water that you can swim across in under a minute easy. If it’s a big one you might not be able to stand in the deep end but that’s normally about the limit. This monster at the San Alfonso Del Mar private resort in Chile is technically a swimming pool, but we urge you to remain open minded!

It measures 0.6 miles long, at it’s deepest point it is 135 feet and at any given time it contains 66million gallons of filtered seawater straight from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Wow! If this is where you’re heading on holiday you might want to slightly change your morning swim routine. Fifty lengths will take a hell of a lot longer in this bad boy.

Oh, and it cost $2 billion to build. Yup.

Via Viral Nova